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The lighters / torches in our shop are specially selected for recreational cannabis use. They work in all conditions, are refillable and have a powerful, directional flame with a constant size and amount of heat.

These properties make them very suitable for heating your bong / hookah / vaporizer evenly or just lighting your joint in all weather conditions.

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    Unilite - Jet Burner
    Unilite - Jet Burner

    The Unilite - Jet Burner is ideal for lighting the coals of a hookah, or a joint in all weather conditions. It can also be used in the kitchen, for your crème brulée for example.

    ∙ Refillable with butane gas
    ∙ Adjustable…

    € 8,70 € 6,95
  • Colibri Premium Butane Gas
    Colibri Premium Butane Gas

    Colibri Premium Butane Gas is a triple refined gas free of propane and additives, which makes it very suitable for BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extractions. It's one of the most famous brands and bears the "Near Zero Impurities"…

    € 4,20
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